A Peizza Angelo's take out / Delivery concept

Create Your A Peizza Franchise Around Take Out and Delivery

Smallest footprint of the A Peizza Franchises, offering salads, antipasto, wings, pizza, calzones, strombolis, desserts and beverages. Low labor costs, no more than 4 staff needed, and all equipment and food costs are minimized. Great for strip malls, especially around surrounding popular anchor stores, or where there is heavy foot traffic.

The Apeizza Angelo's Dine In Concept

A Unique Ambiance for a Pizza and Wine Bar

Visualize a tastefully appointed wine bar that creates a lovely ambiance with low lighting and smooth jazz music playing in the background. A gas-fired stone oven is located behind the bar and incites the  senses! Pizzas are made in front of customers, the aroma of pizza baking,  wafts through the restaurant,creating a mouthwatering anticipation...  

Small and Simple...

The A Peizza Angelo's concept is based on the idea of simplicity...

a small footprint floor-plan, a simple kitchen build, a small food menu, and a simple bar menu. This keeps the initial investment of equipment in the build-out significantly lower as daily operations, labor, food and liquor costs are greatly reduce in comparison to a larger, full-scale Italian restaurant.

1) Low Investment

  • Minimal Equipment
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Lower Cost of Build-Out

2) Ease of Operations

  • Lower Staffing Requirements = Lower Payroll
  • Easy Training for Management and Staff
  • Smaller Menu = Lower Food Costs

3) Smaller Market Adaptability

  • Airports, Malls, Free-Standing and/or Historic Districts
  • FIts a Greater Demographic Area
  • Multi-Cultural Appeal