The Apeizza Angelo's Concept

A Unique Ambiance for a Pizza and Wine Bar

Visualize a tastefully appointed wine bar that creates a lovely ambiance with low lighting and smooth jazz music playing in the background. A gas-fired stone oven is located behind the bar and incites the  senses! Pizzas are made in front of customers, the aroma of pizza baking,  wafts through the restaurant,creating a mouthwatering anticipation...  

Small and Simple...

The A Peizza Angelo's concept is based on the idea of simplicity...

a small footprint floor-plan, a simple kitchen build, a small food menu, and a simple bar menu. This keeps the initial investment of equipment in the build-out significantly lower as daily operations, labor, food and liquor costs are greatly reduce in comparison to a larger, full-scale Italian restaurant.

1) Low Investment

  • Minimal Equipment
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Lower Cost of Build-Out

2) Ease of Operations

  • Lower Staffing Requirements = Lower Payroll
  • Easy Training for Management and Staff
  • Smaller Menu = Lower Food Costs

3) Smaller Market Adaptability

  • Airports, Malls, Free-Standing and/or Historic Districts
  • FIts a Greater Demographic Area
  • Multi-Cultural Appeal