Discovery Steps


The following is a timeline of taking a potential applicant through the preliminary stages of becoming an A Peizza Angelo's Franchisee. After completing all of these steps, final determination of ownership may occur. 

1. Request Information

You've been researching our website and are ready for more below and get started. 

2. Our First Meeting

After requesting more information, an A Peizza Angelo's Franchise Associate will contact you within 48 hours to answer any initial questions.

3. Prospective Franchisee Questionnaire

In our first conversation, we will offer to send you the Prospective Franchisee Questionnaire. This document asks pertinent questions about background, business experience, skills and intentions as a Franchisee potential. After receipt of your completed PFQ, we will review and contact you with any further questions, as needed.

A Peizza Angelo's Franchise Disclosure Document

Next in the process, is the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This disclosure document is required by the Federal Trade Commission. It contains a legal and binding agreement between A Peizza Angelo's Franchise and the Franchisee. It is recommended that this document is read carefully and/or have an attorney review it with you. After you have received our FDD, we will schedule a call between you and Joe Vega, our A Peizza Angelo's Franchising CFO, to discuss the FDD further and answer all questions.

5. Discovery Day

Lastly is Discovery Day! This is a meeting at the corporate restaurant in Pueblo, CO. Here new Franchisees meet owners, and  key staff members. Franchisees experience a day in the life and operations of an A Peizza Angelo's restaurant. This will give you an overview of daily process and procedures from within.

Interested in Owning an A Peizza Angelo's Franchise?

Your opportunity to own an A Peizza Angelo's franchise...a New York Style pizza and wine bar, unique by design and loved by pizza connoisseurs everywhere!