frequently asked questions


Q. What Type of Franchise is Available?

A. The Franchise offers an establishment of operation, "A Peizza Angelo's," which is by definition, a pizza and wine bar with a gas fired pizza oven behind the bar and a simple menu featuring, appetizers, salads, New York-style pizza, calzones, strombolis, dessert, wine and beer. It's a smaller footprint, in square footage and equipment costs. Therefore a lower start-up investment than a full service, family style Italian restaurant.

B. An even more compact footprint, a great fit for a mall, casino or airport. 

Q. How Much Does an A Peizza Angelo's Franchise Cost?

The estimated total investment necessary to begin operations of an A Peizza Angelo's  franchise is estimated between $233,800 and $508,550.

Q. How Much is the Fee for Continuing Support Services?

A. The continuing services or "royalty fee" is 5% of your gross sales after taxes and is paid weekly. This fee entitles you to use the  A Peizza Angelo's  service mark, the use of our distinctive system, marketing assistance, ongoing business development and counseling, and round-table discussions for any other concerns regarding owning an  A Peizza Angelo's  Franchise.

Q. Will I Have an Exclusive Territory?

A. You will not receive an exclusive territory. We will grant you a territory (called an "area of primary responsibility" or "area") defined by zip codes or other physical, political or natural boundaries.

Q. What About Advertising?

A. A minimum of $4,000 is an expected expense on the grand-debut advertising with in the first three months of operation. Also expected is a minimum of 2% of your gross sales per month on local advertising. In addition you may be expected to make Marketing Fund contributions of up to 1% of your weekly gross sales to our A Peizza Angelo's Franchise.

Q. How Much Training is Provided?

A. The initial training covers all material aspects of the operation of an A Peizza Angelo's Franchise. A minimum 12 weeks of comprehensive training, at your a peizza angelo's franchise location will be offered. We will cover management, customer service, food preparation, kitchen management, pre-opening review, opening week support, and continued support for at least 8 weeks after opening. Follow-up training will also be available. 

Interested in Owning an A Peizza Angelo's Franchise?

Your opportunity to own an A Peizza Angelo's franchise...a New York Style pizza and wine bar, unique by design and loved by pizza connoisseurs everywhere!