About a peizza angelo's


East Coast Italian Cuisine

Pizza has been a tradition in our family, for many generations. When you taste a slice of an A Peizza Angelo's pizza pie, you are experiencing history with  time-honored recipes. The passion for mouth watering food  began in the kitchen and  ended around the dinner table, with family and friends enjoying mouth-watering meals in good company! We began with a small family run Pizza Parlor in 1964 in Brooklyn, New York. Since moving to Colorado in 1992, we continued doing what we love, and loving what we do!  


Inspired By Our Original Angelo's

 "Angelo's Pizza and a'More" opened in Pueblo, Colorado in 1992. Angelo's has been a real crowd pleaser for 26 years with our East Coast Italian cuisine menu. Our family recipes are tested and proven, and we can honestly say, with more than 1 million pizzas made and eaten... practice makes perfect!  Our A Peizza Angelo's franchise model is based off the ambiance and popularity of Angelo's Pizza and a'More's success.


Why the "A Peizza" name?

"a peizza" is actually an Italian slang word for “pie” or, “pizza pie.”  It is pronounced, “Ah-Beets,” and is heavily used and understood on the East Coast, and Italy.  Rich Foresta, our Founder, shares a story from his childhood…His mother would send him out to buy a large pie for dinner. She would say, “Richie, Andiamo!  Go get your father Ah-Beets! Make sure it’s well done!”  She’d then hand him $5 for a large pie and off he’d go!  

...There is so much history to our A Peizza Angelo's franchise. The menu is lush in culture, its passion and love for creating amazing pizza is the stepping stone linked to success.


Time Honored Recipes = Proven Success

What makes a great pizza?  Our pizza starts with a freshly tossed crust and our proprietary sauce.  We build from there, adding whole milk mozzarella, fresh vegetables, premium lean meats and Italian cold cuts for a mouth watering, cheesy pizza pie that will have customers coming back for more! To achieve absolute perfection, our pizzas, are baked in a stone oven and served piping hot!    


Set The Mood...

A Peizza Angelo's Franchising has resources available for creating an amazing ambiance...not only delicious food and drink, as well, the memory of the whole experience!  Inviting your customers in to relax, and mingle with family and friends....combining all senses with an end result of good times, thus repeat business! 

Interested in Owning an A Peizza Angelo's Franchise?

Your opportunity to own an A Peizza Angelo's franchise...a New York Style pizza and wine bar, unique by design and loved by pizza connoisseurs everywhere!